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Happy happy happy

I started This webshop in October and now I am starting to see lovely images from my customers to drop in. I get tears in my eyes seeing all these images with customers carrying their favourite pet, not only in their heart but now also on their clothes 🥰😘🙏🏻.

Nelsons mother finally got her Nelson the havanais hoodie;

And she is soo happy 🥰, I love it❣️

Magdalena Graaf got her sweater and leggings sets

Maggan got sweater and leggings I just love these images she sent me, both her and her friend are so happy 🥰🙏🏻💕

See more pictures in her blog

Just an comment- when ordering tights and sweatshirts in the same the color, the color can differ on the tights and sweatshirt due to that the fabrics soak different amounts of color. However, the tight top and leggings are in the same material and gets same colors❣️

Magdalena also gave away tight top and leggings (junior sizes) to her sisters children. i

am so happy that they got soo happy for their pyjamas (tight top and leggings) ❣️😍🥰

Hannah Graaf wrote about their joy in her blog❣️Read more here;

More photos

I will continue to post blog posts about where my sweaters and leggings travels, so check out this blog now and then to see more 😘😘

Thanks for following our journey 🙏🏻🥰🐶🐶

Best Regards Ravellidoglife

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